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She wasn't scared of the fire.
She WAS the fire. 


cleanse | clear | refresh

Use our "fire" element products to establish a powerful ritual to combat negativity, clear your energy field and begin anew. 

Cleanse your space, your aura...even your crystals. It's simple, effective...and we have everything you need....

  • Sage smudges

  • Crystals (tumbled & raw)

  • Loose incense

  • Palo Santo (sticks and cone incense)

  • Soy Candles

  • Wooden match sticks

  • Crystal- infused concrete vessels

  • Smudging feathers

  • and more

Limited collection available online. To explore more, visit us at our flagship store nestled in the magical surroundings of HOMER, AK!


Unsure how to utilize your sage bundle, loose sage or palo santo?

Click on the below button for a little refresher. 

Visit our FACEBOOK page for updates, tips, shop our products and behind-the-scenes with the S | P duo and their pack. 

~ xo 

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