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Rhonda Owens, Vibrational Sound Therapist

CERTIFIED VIBRATIONAL SOUND THERAPIST, Rhonda Owens, will be practicing out of our new location, 165 East Bunnell Avenue, opening October 1!


VIBRATIONAL SOUND HEALING has been around for centuries. The ideas are deeply rooted in the most ancient uses of sound and vibration applied in a modern way for relaxation. The tools used, as well as the technique, creates a powerful platform with proven results.



| Calm the body, mind and spirit

| Relax muscles

| Reduce fatigue, stress, and anxiety

| Ease blockages and tension

| Reduce chronic pain

| Induces a deep meditative state


In additional to VIBRATIONAL SOUND THERAPY, Rhonda is also certified in REIKI and EMOTION CODE, which finds and releases trapped emotions.


To reserve an appointment with Rhonda, call 907.299.1895 or reserve your 10 minute complimentary sample session now. 

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