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Aroma Therapy Herbal Shower Bomb - 3 scents

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Product Details
Simply drop onto the shower floor to fill your bathroom with a pleasant aroma, or use in the bath for a relaxing tub that leaves your skin feeling silky smooth! Choose from three scents:

| Calendula and Lemon - Contains dried calendula with Lemon essential oil. Lemon is energizing and helps to awaken.

| Tangerine Geranium - Enhance your shower with the uplifting citrus aroma of Tangerine mixed with Geranium

| Bronchial Buster - This shower bomb is intended to help open sinuses while sick. Simply place on the floor of the shower and allow the hot water to do the work. Your bathroom will transform into a steam room and you will be able to breathe. The invigorating combination of Eucalyptus and Peppermint will help break up mucus and clear nasal passages.

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