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Crystal Infused Homer Fireweed Honey (from STOKED Beekeeping)

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In an exclusive collaboration with our friends at STOKED Beekeeping here in Homer, AK, we are super excited to introduce CITRINE INFUSED Fireweed Honey. This honey is all the BUZZ and will give you an extra dose of JOY! Each bottle contains a cleansed and charged tumbled CITRINE crystal. This LIMITED EDITION STOKED honey is made just for SALT | PINE and our crystal-loving customers like YOU! It can only be found at SALT | PINE.


Stoked Beekeeping Co. Honey is raw and pure made by bees from Homer, Alaska.

Stoked beehives are tucked within the pristine Alaskan wilderness. Their bees forage super hard as the summer in Alaska is short and the days are long. From May through August, the alpine meadows are filled with a beautiful display of succulent wildflowers. The fireweed honey takes extra effort to isolate the bees in large patches of wildflowers.

Available in 3 ounce containers.

Photo of bees in fireweed by Stoked Beekeeping Co.

Solidified honey may be gently heated in waterbath to restore to liquid.

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