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Crystal Infused Protective Snuggle Monster -Short Gray Fur/green felt face/smile

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Grab this cutie to bring a bit of love, joy, calm and protection into your life. (And, a whole lot of smiles!) These hand crafted PROTECTION MONSTERS are made with love in Alaska by Copper Cat (exclusively for SALT | PINE) and infused with crystals that were cleansed, charged and set with intentions by us.

Each adorable Monster has the following crystals sewn into them for an extra dose of GOOD VIBES:

| Amethyst - Calm. Protection. Balance.

| Citrine - Joy.

| Shungite - Protection from negative energy and EMF.

| Rose Quartz - Love.

The perfect comfort item for those suffering from anxiety, kids that need a little extra boost of confidence at nighttime or anyone who wants a boost of happiness. You are never too old for a Protection Snuggle Monster.

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