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Natural Ruby Record Keeper (3 sizes)

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Product Details
RUBY RECORD KEEPER crystals are extraordinary due to the triangular shape (naturally) etched on the surface of the stones, which is the reason why this type of crystal is also known as a RECORD KEEPER CRYSTAL.
Record Keeper crystals have important metaphysical properties, and they hold ancient knowledge and wisdom (the Akashic records).
The ruby is incredibly important in spirituality and crystal healing.
Due to its deep red colour, this red crystal is deeply symbolic of blood and life force, and is said to bring energy, strength, power, and vitality to its user.
Rubies are recommended by crystal healers to those who need an energy boost, or who are lacking passion and drive.
As a love stone, the ruby crystal is deeply symbolic of romantic love and passion and is perfect for those struggling with their romantic relationships.
Ruby crystals are heavily associated with the Root Chakra: they are said to harness Earth energy and offer protection, grounding, and security to their users.
Rubies can also be used with the Heart Chakra, where they can invite and attract passion and love for others.
As a Record Keeper Crystal, this ruby is also useful when placed on the Third Eye Chakra in the center of the forehead to enable the attainment of knowledge and psychic wisdom. RUBY RECORD KEEPERS can be considered to symbolize harmony and unity as well as spiritual growth.

Meditate with this Natural Record Keeper Ruby to connect to the wisdom of the higher realms. Work with it for guidance in making the highest choices from a state of love.

Choose from three sizes. Small is 1.25", Medium 1.5" and Large 2". (Due to the nature of each crystal sizes may vary slightly.)

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