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New Moon - Lavender and Mint Salt Soak

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This NEW MOON soak is the first of four in our series of Lunar Ritual Bath Soaks. Designed with the lunar phases in mind, this soak is best used during the waning and waxing crescent moons, with it’s potency at it’s peak during the New Moon. This blend is ideal for when you are in search of deep, peaceful relaxation and introspection. We suggest using this blend during the New Moon to help you reflect and set your intentions.


LAVENDER - calms, centers, relaxes, and promotes introspection
MINT - awakens mind, promotes empowerment
SALTS - detoxifies skin, contains beneficial minerals to nourish the body, softens dry skin, reduces inflammation + anxiety
AMETHYST - balances, calms, heightens intuition, encourages positive transformation

BATHING GUIDE - Shake jar prior to use. Pour the desired amount into bath water just before entering. We recommend using one third to one half of a jar per bath. Alternatively, you can place the desired amount into a muslin bag and place under the running bath water as the tub fills. Bathe for at least 20-30 minutes to reap the full soaking benefits

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