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Ocean Jasper Palm Stone

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Ocean Jasper also called the Atlantis Stone or Sea Jasper is a rare, highly-collectible stone that is prized not only for its beauty but also its mystical powers. This stone is only mined in a remote, sea-lined region of northern Madagascar. A multi-colored variety of jasper, it is known for its random lines, banding, orbs, swirls, and occasional quartz druzy.

Ocean Jasper is considered by many to be a stone of strength and renewal. It is believed to be connected to the mythical sunken city of Atlantis and as such is believed to have mystical properties. This stone is said to help you love yourself and others, allowing you to be more empathetic to others' needs. This stone's connectivity to the ocean reminds you to be in tune with nature, remembering that life is cyclical, rhythmic, and fluid. This stone is believed to bring a sense of peace, calmness, and renewal.

Each piece is uniquely colored and patterned, as no two pieces of Ocean Jasper are the same. We will intuitively choose one palm store for you.

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