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Sacred Ground Crystal Healing Session Gift Card

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Treat yourself or someone you love to a crystal reiki healing session. SACRED GROUND CRYSTAL HEALING is the wellness division of SALT|PINE.

Crystal Reiki Healing works to re-align your electromagnetic frequencies and removes emotional and energetic blocks while allowing for soul learning, healing, and spiritual growth. It’s gentle and effective, assisting all areas of the body. Since energetic imbalances can manifest as physical ailments or emotional issues.

An intuitive crystal energy healing session can help to reduce or eliminate mental/emotional distress like anxiety, depression, and insomnia.

Certified Crystal Reiki Practitioner and SALT|PINE owner, Holly Sanger, will provide intuitive healing through the use of mineral gemstones (aka crystals), which will promote the clearing of negative or stagnant energy to amplifying positive energy flow throughout your body, mind, and soul.

Choose fro:


This is a relaxing and restorative experience to clear and balance the energy within the body through energetic sound and crystals. Feel whole, healthy, and balanced.

60 MIN | CHAKRA BALANCE + - $120

This is a relaxing and restorative meditative experience to clear and balance the energy within the body, repair the auric field through energetic scent, sound and crystals. This treatment is customized for your unique needs.

Includes a customized set of Chakra crystals from the session to take home that is unique to your energy needs.

60 MIN | HEART SPACE - $145

A profoundly deep experience to gently release any lingering trauma, emotional wounds, and/or pain from the heart chakra. Customized crystals and sound vibrations are utilized to clear and reset one's heart space with uplifting energy. The auric field is strengthened, protected, and cleared, allowing it to fill with pure positivity and love.

Includes a customized set of Chakra crystals and a special crystal heart-healing exercise to take home that will allow you to continue your heart healing journey.


Designed to clear attachments/unhealthy energy cords/parasites from your auric field and shield your energy body to help protect you from the energy of others or from outside energies in your environment. It works preventatively to protect you, keep yourself from being depleted and stay in balance and alignment.

Includes an on-the-go energy protection kit to take home to further protect your energies post-session.

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