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Sea Soul Journey Oracle Cards

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Product Details

Whether you've used an oracle deck before or not, the Sea Soul Journeys Oracle Cards provide mindful daily mantras to boost your mood, providing quiet yet potent signposts and connecting you more deeply to your intuition and to the magic and power of the sea.

Featuring powerful pictures of the sea and split into four themes - Letting Go, Self-Compassion, Moving Forward and Gratitude - each card features a keyword along with a meditation mantra, helping you to nurture a regular self-compassion practice.

The supporting guidebook contains expanded explanations and prompts for each card and provides ideas on how to use the deck in different ways, daily, weekly, monthly, or randomly on a card-by-card basis. You do not need to be by the sea to channel its energy. Each card features an image of the ocean, allowing you to pause and inviting you to dive in and experience its majesty.
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