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Shield of Gold Empath Protection Spray

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*Price shown is for the spray only. All other items sold separately.

Grounding into the vision that you are, Shield of Gold is a gentle air + aura cleanser to remove unwanted subtle energies that we don't have the time to smudge out during the day. This mist is an infusion of selenite, citrine, pink yarrow flower essence, rose geranium, spruce and holy basil and acts as a gentle detox for the mind, body + spirit. Wonderful for kids + adults alike, Helps in grounding, space clearing and getting ourselves back into our bodies and back into our beings.

Many practitioners use this spray as a space cleanser between clients. Additionally, it was formulated to help those of us who are sensitive to external energies not of our own but that do pick up through out the day. A wonderful travel mist when you are wanting to cleanse yourself, your environment or your items without having to light something on fire.

Ingredients: Distilled Water, Powdered Selenite, Citrine, Essential Oils of Rose Geranium*, Spruce*, Holy Basil* and Pink Yarrow Flower Essence.ting is for ONE BOTTLE of the Shield of Gold Empath Protection Spray

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