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If you purchase or already own a "Build Your Own Crystal Water Bottle", you can purchase additional scoops of crystals that give you even more flexibility to mix and match your crystals for the day.  Each additional 3 scoops is $9.00. 


Choose from the following and specify which three you would like in the comments section below. 


*Black Tourmaline - Protection. Repel Negative Energy.

*Amethyst - Calm. Balance. Protection.

*Howlite - Ease stress, pain and anxiety. Calm emotions/anger. 

*Moonstone - Fertility. Intuition. Empowered feminity.

*Lapis Lazuli - Self-awareness. Honesty.  Transformation.

*Clear Quartz - Clarity. Healing. Amplify Energies. 

*Carnelian - Vitality. Energy. Creativity. 

*Citrine - Happiness. Energy. Creativity. Abundance.

*Rose Quartz - Love. Compassion. Kindness.

*Tiger's Eye - Courage. Confidence. 

Additional 3 Scoops of Crystals for Water Bottle

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