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Bridge a connection to the divine and welcome feelings of peace, comfort and love into your home 

Your sage bundle has been hand selected, wrapped and beautifully packaged to help support you on your journey. Makes the perfect gift for any occasion 

White California Sage- Plants are known for holding their own energy and Sage is used in the art of smudging, helps to clear negative unwanted energies. Smudging cleanses, rebalances, and opens fresh energy to flow so we can move forward 

Selenite Crystal- Clearing Stone. Removes heavy energy and renews your other crystals . You never need to recharge it.  It can help expanding your awareness and insight -

Palo Santo- A wood grown on the east coast of South America. Also known as holy wood. Palo Santo is enjoyed by many and has cleansing properties similar to sage. It creates a pleasant sweet smell allowing for deeper connection.


The Evil Eye Charm - A talisman that stares back at the world to shield you from negaitivity and harm.

All from sustainable sources.


The bundle contains: An etched Palo Santo stick, white sage bundle, selenite wand. lavender and an evil eye charm. 

Cleansing Smudge Bundle - Sage/Palo/Selenite

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