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Smudging cleanses, rebalances, and opens fresh energy to flow so we can move forward


Selenite Crystal- Clearing Wand. Removes heavy energy and renews your other crystals ❤️. You never need to recharge it.  It can help expanding your awareness and insight.


Palo Santo- A wood grown on the east coast of South America. Also known as holy wood. Palo Santo is enjoyed by many and has cleansing properties similar to sage. It creates a pleasant sweet smell allowing for deeper connection. -


The White Spell Candle - Will radiate additonal protection and good energy into your space during smudging.


The Evil Eye Charm - A talisman that stares back at the world to shield you from negaitivity and harm.


Bundle contains: An etched Palo Santo stick, white spell candle, large selenite wand, dried lavender and an evil eye charm.

S|P Cleansing Bundle - with white candle

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