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If you want to heal...find water and stars. 


submerge | relax | renew

Immerse yourself in our extensive "water" collection of all-natural bath and body products.  Everything you need for a serene, spa-like experience.

Choose from:

  • Herbal salt soaks

  • Masks

  • Lotions

  • Soap (liquid & bar)

  • Crystal-infused concrete soap vessels

  • Sea sponges (body & face)

  • Boar bristle nail brushes

  • Beard oil

  • Flower essence 

  • and more

Limited collection available online. To explore more, visit us at our flagship store nestled in the magical surroundings of HOMER, AK!

Visit our FACEBOOK page for updates, tips, shop our products and behind-the-scenes with the S | P duo and their pack. 

~ xo 

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